Flame Arresters

Flame arresters are protective systems which are installed to prevent or reduce the effects of an explosion. This means that the installation of such a system protects people, facilities and the environment itself. High danger of fire and explosion is present in plants for processing, transport and storage of flammable liquids and gases, and these are also the most common places where flame arresters are used.

Flame arresters are protective (safety) devices that prevent the entry or exit of the flame in the pipe or tank, or prevent flame propagation through the installation.

The division of flame arresters with respect to the mounting location:

- End-of-Line flame arrester – one end of the arresters is connected to the pipeline or tank, while the other end is open (may have a protective covering or relief valve)
- In-Line flame arrester – connected to the pipeline on both sides and may be unidirectional or bidirectional
- Flame arrester for tanks – in most cases, cross section of tank is much larger than element of flame arrester.

Classification according to the explosion group of flammable gases (Table I):Microsoft Word - g - Mackovic-zaustavljaci.doc

Flame arresters are designed for a specified group of flammable gas. Proprietorship Ermacora manufactures all groups of flame arresters.

In order to be made available on the market, Flame Arresters Ermacora must undergo conformity assessment procedure, ie, type testing and certification. Methods and testing procedures are specified in ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. Testing and certification of Flame Arresters Ermacora is conducted by certification body: Ex-Agency.

Flame Arrester type ZPE

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Explosion group: II 1 G IIA

Flame arrester type ZPE is used for vent openings on storage tanks, often in combination with relief valves. It is made entirely of aluminum or on requests of other materials. Design provides a simple and easy maintenance of flame arresters and extraction of the cartridge (element of flame arrester).